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December 7, 2007 / allyo

Camera phone

I finally got around to putting my flickr email in my phone so it would be easy to send the bajillion or so pictures that have been collecting there since June when I got the darn thing. So now I’m busily loading up my flickr account with blurry photos. Some favorites:

Gardening gloves

We bought the gloves for Jamie this summer or spring so he could help garden and he begged to put them on the minute we left target. His hands were awfully sweaty after his nap.

Vroom, vroom

Vroom-vrooming in the green tractor at a local grocery store that carries lots and lots of “mommy’s juice” and has an attached liquor store. We make fairly regular mid or end of week stops here after work.

Duuuuude. Sleeping.

Looking like a dude and crashed in his car seat.



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  1. whylime / Dec 10 2007 10:23 pm

    I love the glove photo. glove love is where it’s at.

  2. thordora / Dec 13 2007 1:19 pm

    oh. SOOOOOO cute.

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