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November 21, 2007 / allyo

Overheard in the bathtub

Where are we GOING red car?

I don’t know yellow car.

Hey that was a boat driving!

Honk the horn!

Wow, that imagination of his is running wild these days.

I wasn’t planning on taking a blogging break, but I guess I did. I’ve been busy at work on homemade gifts, for the holidays and um, for myself. Yes, orange is a trend in my personal accessories right now, and I actually have more gifts for other people in the works.

Right now the thing I’m thankful for the most is that MD and I are both off the rest of the week. And Jamie’s cousins will be here from Nashville tomorrow and he’s really, really excited. This is the best part about the holidays – spending time together, and with family.


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  1. Jody / Nov 29 2007 4:20 pm

    Ooo, you have some beautiful projects on flickr.

    My step-mother crochets, and I’m giving her some crochet-y gifts for Christmas this year (pattern-a-day calendar, that sort of thing). Can you recommend any books or projects for future gift-giving occasions?

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