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November 3, 2007 / allyo

Thank you…

Jamie’s prayers tonight included the following thank you’s:

  • thank you for trick or treat
  • thank you for my dad giving me candy
  • thank you for my witch candy

I dread the impending realization that trick or treat only happens once a year. But I love this creating memories thing. This will be one of his first big holiday memories, and I love that.

Oh, funny story from trick or treat night. A house on our street was dubbed the ghost house because of all the decorations, and the woman who lived there was out in full costume for trick or treat, with a smoking cauldron and accompanying spooky soundtrack. That’s not the story though. The story is she called Jamie “Lightening Steve.” Get it? Steve/Lightening McQueen? It was cute.

And I’m posting so late because I’m SICK and just mustered up enough energy to pull myself off the couch and get myself to bed. Bleargh.


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