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October 30, 2007 / allyo

Late-night blogging, vet edition

Good lord, here I am awake again. What the hell is wrong with me? Thanks for the birthday wishes, I love me some email. I feel as better as I think is possible, if that makes sense.

So, our vet is making quite a bit of money off of us this year. After months of testing, guessing, and dosing, Cory’s on a low maintenance dose of his more expensive than gold medication and is amazingly back to his old self. Obnoxious, pushy, doesn’t listen. But minus the peeing in the house, yay. Oh, and he wags his tail a lot and actually asks us to pet him. Nice.

That reminds me, one time when I picked Cory up from one of his numerous daylong stays at the vet’s office this summer, Dr. Dan, our intrepid investigative doggy doctor, met me in the exam room with a gleam in his eye. It turns out that Cory had been left in the same room as his chart. Mere moments later, the vet tech returned to find the chart…eviscerated. Dr. Dan – chuckling the whole time – held up the remaining scraps. They had taped together what little they could salvage and had to recreate the rest from computer files. As I retold the story to MD later, I realized that Dr. Dan was tickled to have such a story to add to his repertoire. It was the the way he said, “I’ve NEVER seen anything like it in all these years” with relish that tipped me off.

Anyway, so, it wasn’t Cory that had us there today. No, Miss Maggie Mae turned up with an allergic reaction to…something. A swollen eye and muzzle on saturday turned to vomiting, then refusal to eat, then red and swollen ears over the course of the weekend. After a shot of steroids she was better, and finally ate dinner tonight at home. Dr. Dan teased us about bringing him another mystery case and sent us on our way with yet another pill bottle, of prednisone this time. I hope she stays well, for her sake and for our poor credit card’s.

Ok, I must go to bed. I think I’m losing  my mind. Anyone want to come over here at 10 tomorrow night and knock me upside the head?

Wait, don’t answer that.



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  1. Austina / Oct 30 2007 9:16 pm

    I certainly hope the jet lag is not contagious!!!


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