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October 26, 2007 / allyo

No place like home

Taos was great, but there was limited internet access and I was never alone and free to post. Photos up at flickr.

Here’s a shot of the main building at our B&B from our room:
B&B- view from our room

Gorgeous, huh? Love that blue sky.

Here’s the moon rising over Taos:

Taos moon rise

I’m a little annoyed that now with a free account at flickr they limit your picture size. Was it like that before? I don’t recall. I’ll re-up next week, simply because I can’t figure out anything better.

Anyway, now I’m home.

A week was too long to be gone. Jamie was so overwelmed by my return he just stood there and said, “Mommy” over and over, giggling. When I finally asked him for a hug he squeezed me around the neck tight and told me he found me hiding in the bushes (he and MD had been outside playing with the flashlight waiting for me to come home).

Mad Dog did wonderfully as a solo parent. I don’t know how, considering the problems he had with his foot, but everyone was happy and well and the house was at its usual degree of end-of-week messy, no worse.

I missed them bunches, and it’s good to be home.


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  1. Vienna / Oct 27 2007 5:42 pm

    Those pictures are beautiful! NM is definitely on our “too see” list of things (you know- the Before We Die list).

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