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October 16, 2007 / allyo


Jamie turned three last week. Per his request, we had a red birthday party with red stripes on Sunday.

Red party

Well, we did the best we could, anyway.

It was a rockin’ good time, and all the kids were very, very sad when it was time to leave.


I think the highlight for me personally, was when Kelly lept out of her chair and sprinted over to where Henry was jumping up and down on the lid to Jamie’s turtle sandbox shouting, “No! Henry! There’s a kid under there!” We all looked around to see who’s kid was being trampled to death, when out popped my friend D’s son M, laughing and asking for Henry to do it again. Next thing I know, four kids had piled on and Jamie was trying to cram himself under there with M. Very very good times.

My favorite Jamie-ism these days is: mommy, I want to put my socks in the hamburger! My favorite word mangling: let’s throw the frosbee. Right now one of his favorite things to do is hide under the covers with mom or dad. It goes “let’s hide! ok, let’s hug! now tickle me! and laugh, laugh reaaaalllly haaard!”

Waiting for cupcakes

Watching the cupcakes bake.

Three can kick your ass, but it can be oh-so-delightful. I seriously want to gobble him up. Sometimes I find myself gnawing absentmindedly on his hand…

I leave for a conference on friday – at 7 a.m., holy hell – and will be gone for 6 days. I told MD today I was panicking a little, mostly because I’m going to miss them both like crazy. Maybe he’ll start acting like a monster again by thursday? One can only hope.

a picture for you

Charming, but totally up to no good. Exactly the way it should be.



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  1. Austina / Oct 17 2007 12:46 am

    V calls the frisbee a rabbie. No clue on how that one got mangled, or how foo foo sounds like zio! I love it non the less. V is stuttering now. L went through this phase a couple of years back. Now V started it 2 weeks ago. He talks slower and focuses better than L ever did, so it doesn’t sound as bad. But I have to say, it breaks my heart watching him try to speak so badly to me.

    Yes gobbling them up is the best way to describe how you want to get them inside of your expression of love.

    What joys they truly are!

  2. thordora / Oct 19 2007 4:19 pm

    oh enjoy 3! It was so much fun, and they change so much!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Vienna / Oct 22 2007 1:58 pm

    Wow. Your red party looks and sounds like it was awesome. With stripes! Jack will be turning FREE soon. Too soon.

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