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October 8, 2007 / allyo

To be or not to be organized

Are people born organized, or can an organized person be made? I ask myself more often than I’d like. I’m a lazy neat freak, and while I can blame my son all I want, my treacherous memory reminds me of how things looked before he was born, and oh my, the horrors. His room? My walk-in closet. My walk-in closet so jammed full of crap that you could barely make it to the ironing board in the middle of the room. Once you got there you couldn’t use it anyway, because it was piled high with more crap.

And yet, from the casual observer’s standpoint, often our house looks quite neat. When you are a lazy neat freak you clean all the places that might give you away, then you run out of gas before you get to your private spaces. Therefore, while I canceled our garage sale…holy crap, TWO months ago*, looking at our room you’d assume it was scheduled for this coming weekend. And while it was at least that long ago that we decided to convert our office into my sewing/craft room, it’s still in shambles.

Today was supposed to be all about getting the crap cleared out of the upstairs, but of course MD and Jamie were home all morning and Jamie’s super clingy with me lately. Then I got wrapped up in work stuff, then I watched tv while I ate lunch, then I finally started on sorting my old clothing and working on a list of what I was donating and to where.

The sewing room? True to form, not touched. Because more people use our bedroom than my sewing room, of course. It’s kind of sick, in a weird, disorganized way. The spaces most important to me get the least attention.

And now, it’s time to shower, run some errands, and pick Jamie up. Not the productive day I was planning on. Damn.

*Don’t you hate it when your archives betray you?


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  1. Jody / Oct 16 2007 5:45 pm

    I have some of the same issues with cleaning — love the effect, hate the effort, do the surfaces and ignore the rest.

    And I HATE that my archives betray me — they totally do!

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