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October 3, 2007 / allyo

Meet me at the rally

Bush did it. He vetoed the SCHIP bill.  Right now there are 10 participants registered for the local Move On rally, in front of Deborah Pryce’s offices, in support of Pryce’s yes-vote and the bill. I’m one of those 10, and I’m bringing Jamie with me. Come join us. Don’t let this asshole get away with this without a fight.


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  1. Austina / Oct 3 2007 8:49 pm

    Okay, sent an email to all my friends and family and emailed my congressman and senators from OH. What a freaking ass this guy is. I really really, hate this evil man. He is so cruel.

    I watched this conspiracy thing regarding 911 and I have to tell you and I convinced this yack off had more to do with this than anyone who is not a US citizen!

    How could he veto a bill to support our children’s health? Isn’t education universal, why not health care? UGH, this man is a real ass, I mean real ass!

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