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October 1, 2007 / allyo


Always, after we go through a period of hellishness with Jamie, he’ll crash, sleep better than he has in days (weeks!), and he’ll be wonderful and pleasant again. As he was this morning after sleeping until 7:15, after several days of waking up at 6 freaking a.m. Actually, this time around it took him sleeping in for three days in a row before we were treated to charming Jamie, but still, it’s a pattern. In the past I’ve beaten myself up about making sure he gets enough sleep. It just dawned on me that he’s probably not sleep because of whatever’s making him crazy. Or vice versa.

Duh. This revelation brought to you after listening to Moxie’s online interview, in which she reiterates over and over, generally, we’re all doing a pretty good go of this parenting thing.

Oh, and Jamie’s birthday is coming up soon, and for more than a month he’s been saying, “I’m going to be TWEE! And my party is going to be red, with reeeed stripes.” And so it is. How, I’m just not yet sure.


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