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September 17, 2007 / allyo

THAT was interesting

I should have known. I should have known Saturday morning when I sat down and touched the mousepad to wake my iBook up from its peaceful slumber and the screen brightened but nothing else happened. No mouse, no response to key commands, and a complete refusal to turn off.

MD wasn’t feeling well and spent a good part of the day in bed. I finally made it to the Apple store that afternoon to find their service appointments booked through Monday. So left it there and decide to indulge in some retail therapy since all the nice clothes I bought last fall are too big now. No dice. I hate it when I’m ready to fork over money and can’t find a damn thing to buy.

As I was getting Jamie ready for bed, the Apple store called and the hard drive on my iBook is toast. Thankfully most everything is backed up on our external hard drive, and that which isn’t can be downloaded or recreated. AND, my replacement hard drive is covered under warranty. So, not the happiest of endings, but the best of the worst-case scenarios. I went to bed feeling pretty good.

And then Sunday…good grief. Talk about the best laid plans. MD was working, but I had plans to go see a play in the afternoon with my friend D and her daughter, while her husband watched Jamie and their son. Then we were going to pick up dinner on the way back to their place. Perfect, right? Instead, Sunday started off with a message from D explaining that she and their son M were sick. She was up to going to the play, but we might want to find another option for Jamie.

My step-mom agreed to take him, with help from my sister, since my step-mom has a problem with her foot that actually requires surgery, scheduled for this week. Oh, and when my step-mom called my sister to see if she could help she found out that my sister had been in an accident the night before and her car was totaled. Yikes.

Anyway, with the day back on track, Jamie and I went to church. I realized on the way there I had forgotten my phone. So we rushed out of church, ran home, then I drove to my dad’s. Where I realized I had left Jamie’s bag in the church nursery. His bag with his extra clothes, in case he had an accident while at my dad’s. Or at the pizza place they were going to later that afternoon for a family get-together.

So I drove 20 minutes back to the church, grabbed the bag, drove back to my dad’s, back to D’s house (a few blocks from church…of course) and then finally, another 25 minute drive to the complete opposite side of town to see the play. I hadn’t had time to eat lunch so I was starving. But, at least I would have pizza for dinner, since that’s where I was picking Jamie up. Right? Nope, they ended up leaving earlier than planned because my dad was getting restless, so after dropping D and her daughter off at their house I went BACK to my dad’s house, got Jamie, and made it home about an hour before bedtime. Starving and more than a little discombobulated. I scarfed some nachos while Jamie played outside, did battle with Jamie over getting his clothes off and his pjs on, and finally, finally, got him to sleep and collapsed on the couch.

Oh, wait, did I mention that D’s son M actually has pneumonia? They were at urgent care all morning. And yet, we still made it to the play.



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  1. Monica / Sep 17 2007 6:11 pm

    Yikes. That sounds hectic. I hope the play was enjoyable at least!

  2. Jody / Sep 17 2007 10:18 pm

    Yeah, that sounds crazed! So crazed, you forgot to tell us the name of the play….

    I hope the start of the week brings a little more relaxation to your life!

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