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August 23, 2007 / allyo

Best knitting lesson ever

I can now cast on! Just don’t ask me about the mechanics because it’s all voodoo to me at this point.

So I sat down with Kelly last night over wine and pizza and with two almost 3 year olds playing in the other room and tried the knitting thing again. After finally casting on, we proceeded to the meat of the lesson, and that’s when things got good. Kelly was walking me through a stitch, with a “pull it through and then, sliiiiiiide that motherfucker off.” Ha! But it got better. “Now let that one go, it’s done it’s job and now it’s time to die. It’s matricide, is what it is, the mother dies so the child lives.”

And then, “See, it’s the circle of life! Here’s the stitch intercourse, birth, death. Intercourse, birth, death.” Awesome.

I’ll never forget how to do that particular stitch, whatever it’s called. That’s for sure.


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  1. Kelly / Aug 23 2007 7:17 pm

    that was the knit stitch. Same will be true for the purl stitch except for the position in which conception occurs.

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