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August 16, 2007 / allyo

The blahs

It feels like the whole world except for me is on vacation. I’m toiling away at my computer all day, sending emails, doing work, with nothing much coming back to me. And I’m tired. So, so tired that the triple venti latte I had at 2 barely registered and any minor benefits I may have experienced are long gone.

Of course, I didn’t HAVE to stay up and watch Top Chef last night, but the main reason I’m so beat is Jamie’s sinuses. At least, that’s what I’m guessing. He’s constantly stuffy, but not much comes out. Sudafed makes it bearable, as does saline, but still, not much comes out, even after a nice warm soak in the bathtub.

He was like this last summer too but we were focused on getting his tonsils out and even the ENT thought he must just have big adnoids too. But nope, he took them out because he was already in there, but they were just average size, and his answer to my question – why was he so backed up then – was a, dunno, it happens.

Of course I’m convinced he has allergies but apparently it doesn’t present that way when they look inside his nose. Whatever the cause, I’m dying here. And my poor little guy, he’s just worn out. I finally called the doctor and we’re going in tomorrow.

Otherwise, things are just blah. I’m messing up every sewing/cross stitch/crochet project I’ve laid hands on lately. It’s hot. My asthma hates this time of year and is kicking my butt. My own sinuses hurt. And summer’s almost over. Hmph. Grumble, grumble.

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