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August 3, 2007 / allyo


Bedtime sucks. After anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of the non-stop threats (time out! I’m leaving the room!) needed to get Jamie to calm the hell down and finally drift off to sleep, I come out of his room ready to kick something. Or eat something. Or smoke and drink something. None of which are what I should be doing. (Although some nights the dogs…no, kicking is bad. Bad!)

So I’ve been crafting/sewing/etc. like mad. But tonight my tendonitis has flared up and there’s nothing on tv and I’m tired so I should probably go to bed but DAMN it, there’s got to be more to life than this constant merry-go-round of rush rush eat work eat sleep.

Gah. I know there is. I’m just whining. But it must be something in the air because almost everywhere online I went today I found mothers griping about their kids. Hah. At least I’m not alone.


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  1. Austina / Aug 3 2007 2:11 pm

    I found that V is also not sleeping at night and will not tire until it is almost 11 or 12! So I stopped the nap. He really needs the nap as he is so sluggish around 2, but, now he drifts of to slumber quite calmly and quickly around 8. Bliss at 8 and some crankiness around 5, but it is worth it. I hate that he is not napping, as I think napping should be a health requirement for all ages, remember Italia? But I am making a decision for a good nights rest which I also think important. Oh well, the choices we make.

  2. Dawn / Aug 3 2007 2:22 pm

    There must have been a shift in the space/time kid continuum. IT NEEDS TO SHIFT BACK!

  3. Vienna / Aug 4 2007 12:07 am

    If I were currently not too lazy to blog, I would be griping too. I just had to tell Jack to stop trying to sit on my head while I was on a conference call.

    Oh, and I hate my job. I was on a conference call at 7:30 on a Friday night. I remember having a life. It was nice.

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