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July 23, 2007 / allyo

Brief respite

We’re experiencing a shocking and (surely) short-lived honeymoon at home. No, not that type, please. I mean with this guy.


His ability to reason and be reasonable is slowly developing and has been at a high point for about a week now. I’m totally smitten with this child who buries himself under couch cushions and begs, “Mommy, FIND me!” He is funny and giggly and independent and I can’t wait until he lives at our house full-time.



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  1. Emmie (Better Make It A Double) / Jul 24 2007 3:10 am

    Oh, my, i have to admit that for selfish reasons, this is so nice to hear! I always seem to compare our boys and deal with the same thing you’re dealing with a few months later, so this development will be a welcome one, because 28 months is kind of kicking my butt…. What a cutie you have.

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