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July 18, 2007 / allyo

Long lunches and short bedtimes

I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve met an internet friend in real life, and today was no exception. I met the lovely Dawn for lunch today, and two and a half hours I sheepishly skulked back to my office, relieved that I had no other appointments to attend to that day. I was going over our (very extended) conversation in my head while lying next to Jamie waiting for him to go to sleep and cringed in a few places thinking about what just fell out of my mouth. But seriously, it felt like we had known each other forEVER.

A high point for me was when we discovered our husbands had an employer in common. Mad Dog’s current place of work is where her husband had one of his first jobs, in the same department even. We were laughing because apparently her husband has a taste for institutional food (this is a retirement/nursing facility) and well, my husband can cook it. “See,” I said, “we HAVE to be friends. Think how much our husbands would get out of it!” Add to that we drive the same car, and she used to work at Jamie’s daycare, and yes, you realize, Columbus really is a small place. (Although it IS the 15th largest city in the country!)

Oh, and speaking of Jamie and bedtime, this was the first night in at least a week that he didn’t need to talk about the shadows on his wall, and he fell asleep quickly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ve come out the other side of this one.


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  1. Dawn / Jul 18 2007 2:03 pm

    No clearly we have deep psychic connections and it’s NOT just Columbus because, you know, there are a lot of people I DON’T in Columbus. So see???? I forwarded those names you sent to my sister to see if they ring bells!

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