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July 16, 2007 / allyo

Is it just me?

Some days it seems the more I have to do the less I actually get done. Right now my to do list at work is out of control and I’m not sure what I should be doing next, because in fact I should be doing about 5 things simultaneously. So instead I’m posting things for sale on Craigslist and practicing avoidance even in my procrastination because I should just have a damn garage sale already but the amount of stuff we have to go through is, again, overwhelming.

It doesn’t help that the day started off in classic Monday fashion with me dropping Jamie off at daycare so MD could go in to work early, forgetting Jamie’s lunch, wandering around a downtown campus looking for the building I had a 9:30 meeting in, then running home and grabbing Jamie’s lunch, driving back downtown, dropping off said lunch, and finally arriving at the office, hot and sweaty, at 11:15. And by then it’s almost lunch, followed by another meeting, and here I am, day’s almost over and I have nothing done. Feh. Better luck tomorrow, eh?

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