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June 17, 2007 / allyo


Wow, so Jamie’s first sleepover was a resounding success. Of course he was stuffed full of pie and chocolate milk, given a hand-me-down bike and a helmet with monkeys on it, taken to the movies, and about hugged to death. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? A called me at abotu 9:30 last night to tell me that he was almost asleep and the reason he was still awake at all was because her kids wouldn’t stop hugging him long enough for him to fall asleep. When she told them to leave him alone, M said, “But mommy, I LOVE him!” Awww.

For our part we had a great time at the party and would have stayed longer but MD’s leg was hurting. And we met a nice couple that lives two streets over from us. We talked about how younger folks like us are slowly taking over the neighborhood and how nice it is to meet someone who lives close by. I see some neighborly socializing in our near future.  All around a great night for everyone.

And A told me how wonderfully Jamie handled everything, how independent he is and how incredibly cute and sweet. Sweet music to any mother’s ears. Recently he’s started calling his buddies at school “brudda,” as in, “that’s my brudda colin, and that’s my brudda Isaac.” It’s so cute but stabs me in the heart a little too. But the truth is even without a sibling in the house Jamie’s world is full of people of all ages that LOVE him and there’s no reason for him to feel like anything is missing from his life.


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  1. Vienna / Jun 23 2007 12:58 am

    Yay! I’m so glad it went well! It sounds like they had a really good time, too. We have little moments when when think Jack would like a bruddah too, but then we realize that we’re not that strong. Jack is definitely loved. He’s watching cars on the big screen TV in teh basement with my parents as I write this!

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