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June 13, 2007 / allyo

The state of the boy himself

I can’t believe how up and down life with a 2.5 year old can be. I mean, you brace yourself for the terrible twos, and they arrive in full force, but the other side is…well…tender. Jamie’s world is expanding bit by bit, and he both figuratively and literally returns to mommy or daddy’s legs to hang on with often painful force, grounding himself before dashing out for another taste of the world. He makes up stories about everything and everyone, from the ant crawling on the sidewalk to a friend at school, to the fruit on his plate. And the stories inevitably center around “little” ant/friend/fruit and its mommy and/or daddy, with the protagonist traveling happily back and forth between school and home, sometimes stopping off at Meemaw’s house for some ice cream.

His memory is long and his grasp of context is amazing. When we talk about sharing, and how we have to share at home too (something hard for an only child to grasp) he says, “M at MY house. I share with M,” referring to a playdate that occured two or three months ago. He received his first time out ever at home at that playdate, because he wouldn’t share his toys.

He freely adopts grown-up phrases and postures. “Here you go mommy,” he says reassuringly, as he hands me the “dinner” he’s prepared for me. “You have to be NICE to me, and use your inside voice, mommy!” (I wasn’t yelling at all…at that particular moment.) Or he’ll note that we’re “turning,” or “going up and down” in the car and anxiously says, “BE careful mommy. Watch out!”

Then of course he’s very delightfully two. When I was in Vegas Mad Dog used up some gift cards and took Jamie shopping for a fire truck (among other 4-wheeled toys). He’d been talking about his friends M & Q’s fire truck nonstop lately and once they brought one home, HIS fire truck was the #1 topic of our daily phone conversations. So of course it was the first thing he showed me when I came home. And then looked at me dead in the eye, and very, very seriously said, “That’s my fire truck mommy. Don’t touch it. LEAVE it alone.”

He did incredibly well when I was gone, but developed an intense disliking for a particular Little Einsteins episode. The first night I was back as I was turning on our nightly episode he said, “Not the cello one mommy. It’s scary.” Hmmm…ok. This continued and finally I asked him why the cello one was scary. “Because, because, the baby cello misses his mommy!” And in fact, a moment after a litter(?) of baby cellos are born, they’re swept away by the river and the Little Einsteins go on a mission to rescue the baby cellos and return them to their mommy. It’s actually one of my least favorite LE episodes. None of them are particularly engaging storyline-wise, it’s more about the art, but the “cello one” is especially boring, even by typical LE standards. Still, it makes me giggle a tiny bit and it make me a tiny bit sad every night when I hear, “not the cello one mommy!”

And yet, with great trepidation, we’re going to attempt his very first sleepover this weekend. If it’s successful then we can plan a night’s stay in a local hotel (complete with dinner at a popular next door restaurant) that I won at a charity auction last winter – dreamy. If it’s not then I guess I’ll be getting up in the middle of the night to drive over to my friend A’s house (where M & Q and their fire truck live). Thankfully it’s less than 10 minutes away. I’m honestly not sure which outcome will please me the most. On the one hand, a tiny taste of freedom. On the other…I don’t know if I want my baby to grow up quite so fast.



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  1. Suburban Mum / Jun 13 2007 10:30 pm

    My little boy is about the same age (Jan 2005 so a month or so younger I think) and I’m noticing the exact same things. My husband went away on business for 2 days and said the difference in ST (my son) was amazing, suddenly he was having conversations and reasoning with us! Where did my baby go?!

  2. karriew / Jun 14 2007 10:52 am

    Max has a very good memory too, which astounded me at first because of all the times you read or hear “Oh, he will not remember this. he’s only 2” He has brought up things that happened last summer, when he was not verbal, in detail.

    I hope the sleepover goes well. Have fun!

  3. Vienna / Jun 14 2007 10:54 pm

    I love it when I hear myself in Jack’s ramblings- not only the words, but the inflection of his voice match what I say to him. He really picks things up and remembers them. He also has that crazy memory. He can’t remember where he put a juice box 2 minutes ago, but can remember that he went with his friend, Andrew, to the Farmer’s Market last October.

    I really hope he has a good sleepover! I am actually ready to let him hang out with someone for the night, but there really aren’t a lot of opportunities for us to do that. I went on a Girls’ Night Out last night and felt indulgent by just being away from 7-1030! Wow. Motherhood sure changes you.

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