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June 10, 2007 / allyo

Star & moons pjs

Just finished these last night:
moon & stars pjs

These are my very first attempt at applique, other than felt flowers on my little purses. Felt’s easy because it doesn’t fray, so it’s about as complicated as using stickers. The moons and star were an impulse (probably the way I finally dove into applique because it scares me for some strange reason). I had just finished all but the waistband on the pants and as I was admiring the color (a cast-off T of MD’s) and wondering if there was anything I could do to play off it. I’m addicted to the little quarter flats at JoAnne’s, which is what the aforementioned purses are made from, and so I have quite a stash of sunny, citrusy florals for the most part. Nothing for a pair of boys’ pjs. Then I saw the yellow star fabric. Perfect!

I didn’t do the pants quite right. Instead of cutting the interfacing and the material as one piece I did them separately and so the most fragile parts – the tips of the star and the crescent moon – may not survive many washings. We’ll see. They can be easily redone so I’m not too worried. The embroidery looks kind of silly because I used THREE strands – I was afraid it wouldn’t show up! AND, I used a cross-stitch needle. After a trip to JoAnne’s to buy some actual embroidery needles, I did the shirt. It’s better, although I think I just need to stick to one strand.
star & moons pjs

Oh, and the shirt was supposed to be white but do you know how hard it is to find ANY plain toddler boys’ ts? Even the contrast-stitching ones at Old Navy? In white? Yeah. I managed to find some with pockets at Target but they were out of white, completely. So gray will have to do.

Stitching these in front of the tv is incredibly soothing – I’m really starting to appreciate small hand-sewing projects more and more. Now to finish another pair I’m finally going to try my hand at freezer paper stencils. As soon as I can find my exacto knife…


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  1. karriew / Jun 11 2007 11:26 am

    How cute!

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