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May 2, 2007 / allyo

WIP – Christmas stocking

Cross stitch Christmas stocking, originally uploaded by ally.o.

I bought this Christmas stocking kit going on 6 years ago? I think I bought it before we bought our house. The thinking was that MD used to be quite a scrooge about Christmas and if I spent a ton of time/effort on making him a stocking that associated one of his great loves – animals/nature – with Santa he’d magically grow to love my favorite holiday.

Well, that didn’t work. But having a kid has changed his perspective somewhat, as has being around both sides of my Christmas-crazy family for going on 14 years.

I was itching for something crafty and portable to work on lately and while I do want to learn to knit I want to take lessons and that’s not possible until summer at the earliest. So I drug this old project out. Since the weekend I’ve done the bulk of the blue/white/green background you see on the left. That was always the most boring part to me, but now it’s perfect for sitting outside on the back patio while Jamie plays (and interrupts me repeatedly).

I’ve still got a ways to go, but my goal is to hang Mad Dog’s new stocking this Christmas.



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  1. Kelly / May 2 2007 7:16 pm

    It is great! Well done.

    (and I can give you a q/d knitting lesson some time — just the basics — casting on, knitting, purling. I can even loan you some needles and yarn.)


  1. And a happy Monday to you « one foot in

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