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March 27, 2007 / allyo

Spring cold

Jamie and I are home sick today and we’re taking turns being the sickest. This morning I just wanted him to sleep, please for the love of god, sleep, and he was chatty and happy and we played with playdoh and he ate a huge lunch and went outside for a bit and then as I was finally starting to perk up, he crashed. About an hour ago we ran to the store for medicine and cough drops and I grabbed a couple of things to help soothe our scratchy throats – ice cream for him and sparkling water for me. Turns out the idea of ice cream was a lot more appealing than actually eating it. He made an effort but the majority of the bowl is melting in the sink. Then I got a bright idea, how about some of my “fizzy” water? He was game and took a gulp. And spit it out, and burst into tears. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

He’s snoozing on the couch and I’m about to join him. What a way to spend this gorgeous sunny day…


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