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March 20, 2007 / allyo

Unexpected treasure

MD and I don’t stand to inherit a lot of heirloom furniture or china or whatever. We have some nice crystal from his great-grandma and my grandma, and everyday silver from both of them as well, and I always figured that would be it. But then MD’s grandma asked if we wanted her china cabinet and well, I was leery. We bought this house from her and her now-deceased husband and it was, and in some rooms is still, in great disrepair. I wasn’t sure what kind of shape it would be in or if it would be to our taste. We like somewhat traditional pieces, but with cleaner, modern lines. MD insisted it would be perfect for our dining room and I trust his judgement, and besides, we really needed a china cabinet or buffet or hutch or something for the extra storage. And I figured we could paint it and swap out the hardware if it was all wrong.

A month…then two…then a little more went by and we finally made arrangements to get the cabinet, me still with no idea of what we’d agreed to take. The last time I talked to MD’s grandma she asked, “Are you SURE you want this old china cabinet?” to which I brightly replied “Yes, yes, of course!” (my heart sinking a little).

So weekend before last, this is what MD came home with:
new/old china cabinet
A gorgeous, vintage, 1950s china cabinet that plays off our dining room furniture perfectly, and that makes the most ideal home imaginable for our Fiestaware. An absolute treasure. It’s the piece we were missing and we didn’t even know it.

It’s a little far from the kitchen right now and causing lots of extra steps every time we open the cabinet doors expecting to find dishes so there’s probably some rearranging and re-hanging of decorations in our future, and looking at the picture it’s a little crowded on top, but isn’t it lovely? (I’ve rearranged the inside already so I’m going to have to take more pictures tomorrow when it’s light out. I’m IN LOVE with this piece of furniture.)


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