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March 19, 2007 / allyo

What I see in the mirror.

I haven’t talked much about DIE(ting) for quite some time. I hit my stride in January and – with the help of being really, really sick – lost 7 lbs. in about a month. It must have been just the right 7 lbs. because the difference is evident in both my face and my waistline. I still have at least 20 to go, but it was just enough to light a fire under my ass.

Then, I don’t know what happened really, work maybe? Just, life, maybe? Anyway, the past two months or so have been rough and I haven’t been dieting much. Finally last week I got a hold of myself, started walking the dogs in the morning (ok…once, but the weather’s been crappy) and got up enough nerve to weigh myself. And. What a very pleasant surprise. I’m still 7 lbs. down.

This weekend I got my hair cut short-short for the first time since I found out I was pregnant (what IS it about being pregnant that made me and everyone I know want to grow their hair??). I’ve accepted that I look a lot better with short hair and needing less than 5 minutes to style it fits right in with our hectic mornings. I’ve been looking at my face in the mirror, my new face, a little bit thinner (hellooo cheekbones, I forgot what you looked like!) short hair showing off my eyes, to my mind my best feature, and I’ve been thinking that I look…mature. I look…my age. In a really good way, I mean. I look like I might have a husband and child and a career and am in a good place in my life. And I think I’m at a place where I look good both in a suit (remember when it felt like playing dress-up, anyone?) and in a hoodie/jeans/sneakers. It’s a nice place to be. I like being here.



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  1. Vienna / Mar 20 2007 12:27 am

    Wearing a suit still feels like dress up to me, but I work in a decidedly casual office and wear khakis or black pants daily with whatever the heck I can find to wear on top. Heh.

    I demand a picture of the new ‘do.

  2. karriew / Mar 20 2007 3:26 pm

    Picture, please! 🙂

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