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March 17, 2007 / allyo

Friday night

Jamie is throwing a fit in his room because I dared leave while he was still awake. All the giving voice to my joy at bedtime finally becoming an easy, happy task has come back to bite me in the ass, big time. He’s been going for almost 10 minutes now and I can hear some heavy objects hitting the floor. But last night we were up until 10 o-freaking-clock and tonight after swatting him on the bottom in frustration (Hi anti-spanking hypocrite) only to have him crawl off the bed and laugh at me I decided it was time for some tough love. I tried this last night but the “go potty” at about 9 pm spoilt it.

Happyplacehappyplacehappyplace. I’m going to let him scream.

Damn. “Go potty!” Damn.

UPDATE: Annnnnd, he’s asleep. Less than 10 minutes after I posted this. All he had to do was sit still long enough to let nature take it’s course. Now, how to do that without insane-o tantrum time and without me loosing my damn mind?


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