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February 15, 2007 / allyo

Snow days

One potty-training, boundaries-pushing two year old + one crabby, pmsing mama + a big ole snow storm that brings the city to a halt and makes driving near impossible without friendly samaritans willing to give you a good push when needed = an intersting two days.

Here’s Jamie about 15 minutes before he got sent to bed early (NO Blue, NO books, LIGHTS OUT!!) for kicking the dog. Repeatedly and after sufficient warnings.
Happy Vday

In addition to baking oatmeal chocolate chip bars…
Oatmeal chocolate chip bars
we had chili with cornbread last night
And went to a friend’s house yesterday and ate m&m cookies (pink and red m&m’s for valentine’s day of course), banana bread, and chocolate covered strawberries. And yet three people asked me today if I’ve lost weight…

It’s funny how everyone bakes when they’re snowed in.
Clean up
In between my friend D’s house mine yesterday I got stuck in the snow 4 times. Yes, FOUR times. First time was trying to back out of my driveway. That one took two neighbors, two snowshovels, and two pieces of wood to push us free and left a stuck SUV in its wake. My neigbhor got stuck trying to turn around to give me a “gentle little push.” I thought I was in the clear when I turned on to D’s street, only to get stuck going around a car parked on the street. Out of nowhere came a samaratin with a shovel who dug me out, gave me a push, and sent me on my way with a wave. Finally, it took my friend D, her neighbor, and his son (who admonished me the entire time (“This is why you shouldn’t drive in the snow! This is why you should drive a bigger car! This is why you should have snow tires!*) all pushing/digging to get me in her driveway where I quickly learned that without the emergency brake on I’d simply slide back down into the street.

Many, many cookies, etc., later, we left. Jamie ran around with a houseful of kids for a couple of hours, I drank lots of coffee and had real adult conversation and we were ready to go home and nap. Until I got stuck trying to back out of the driveway…or so I thought. D and three or four of her neighbors were trying to get me back out into the street when all of a sudden one said, “Is your emergency brake on???!!”

Oh. Yes, yes it is.

But I still needed a push backwards to get myself lined up in the tire tracks and then I finally sped away, waved off by half of D’s street.

Jamie was sound asleep by the time we got home and even though a neighbor girl had shoveled our driveway and walk the day before for a mere $5 I decided to try and chip away and the frozen stuff that had fallen later in the day/night. I was standing on our front stoop when *whoosh* my feet flew out from underneath me and I landed, two steps down, on my back. I smooshed two fingers and I now have a small injury on almost every single one of my ten fingers. Most are careless kitchen accidents (one a careless rotary cutter mishap), one is from a knife sliding off the knife rack and no, I didn’t try to catch it. I just couldn’t get my fingers out of the way fast enough. One is from pinching myself in a door yesterday and the rest are the papercuts that plague my dry skin every winter.

Jamie’s had a bad rash of slamming and pinching fingers lately too, and he’s made up a new game. “Kiss it mommy!” and he holds up the injured digit. I kiss. “No, this one!’ I kiss it. *giggle* “No, THIS one!” And so on, until all fingers have been kissed. This (28 months) is officially my least favorite age (for the time being) but the kid has his moments and all in all, it was a fun two days.
Happy Vday


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  1. Vienna / Feb 16 2007 2:46 am

    I think this may be my favorite post of yours! I was decidedly laughing AT you, and WITH you at the same time. It snowed like crazy here as well AND I wanted to off myself after being cooped up with The Boy for so long. Jack is 27 months old and is such a bossy grouch. Is 28 months worse? Ack! Oh, and I always try to catch the knife. It’s just a reaction and I’m apparently lower on the evolutionary scale than expected. I didn’t bake, but I did make chocolate covered strawberries. Baking will commence this weekend with our new Crayola cookie kid (thanks to a daycare fundraiser).

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