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February 10, 2007 / allyo

Because it’s been soooo long since I talked about boobs

This reminds me of one of my last La Leche League meetings with my old group. My leader who is a lovely, funny woman, made a stuffed breast for demonstration purposes. The first time she used it she kept cracking up at the fact that she had actually made a stuffed breast and for all intents and purposes was now tweaking its nipple. (Link found at whip up)

Oh, and speaking of LLL and breasts, here’s something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest (har) for awhile. When reading this post of Heather’s I was disturbed by both the sentiments expressed by the nut’s hatemail and by the fact that people don’t seem to realize that sending such a piece of garbage to dooce is just begging to be skewered publically. I was scanning the comments just because, nodding along until I read this:

The lady who sent you the email must be one of those Le Leche fanatics, in which case everything you have done or are yet to do, is wrong.

And then I went back and read the post again, certain I had missed some oblique reference to breastfeeding. And…no. Still not there. And this is when I realized there is nothing LLL or its supporters can do. The hatred/bias against the organization and its – usually dedicated in a sane, non-judgemental way – volunteers is so ingrained that now not only is every single woman with an interest in breastfeeding (or of course, every single pushy idiotic stranger who feels a need to comment to unsuspecting mothers about infant feeding) a crazed LLLer, but every single mother who criticizes another mother also must, of course, be a card-carrying member. And apparently the crazier and more judgemental, the more certain their affiliation.

Sigh. I don’t get it. But then again, once I was skewered on a board I used to frequent as an LLL-hater, just because I dared offer some constructive criticism as a then-current volunteer. Criticism my group and I had just been discussing at length, trying to figure out better ways to serve the mothers in our community.

I may occasionally miss breastfeeding, but I sure as HELL don’t miss the politics of it. I’m still a committed advocate but it’s nice to have a little distance from the issues.



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  1. Kelly / Feb 10 2007 12:21 pm

    gulp. raising hand. Hi. My name is Kelly and I used to believe some rather nasty things about LLL. I was wrong and I hope to make a strong lll connection with my next baby.

  2. allyo / Feb 10 2007 1:00 pm

    I’m definitely not without fault. I didn’t go to LLL when I was pregnant or right after Jamie was born, even though a good friend with experience with the same group urged me to. I just thought they were weird and extreme and not for me. I came to my senses by the time Jamie was 4months old, thankfully, and will always be grateful for the experience.

    The difference between me and you and the commenter at dooce? Actually listening to people that know better.

    That’s not to say there aren’t some over the top LLLers out there. But news flash, that’s the reality when you’re talking about us humans, period.

  3. Vienna / Feb 11 2007 3:41 am

    But I thought LLL were in with the terrorists, no? Maybe I should be listening to you guys! LOL.

  4. Amanda. / Feb 12 2007 3:12 pm

    I don’t know why were wasting time in Iraq when LLL is right here on our own soil.

    Great post, Ally, but I’m a card carrying member of LLL and I still have plenty of negative things I could say about some of the LLLers. I mean, sure, there are plenty of over the top humans out there but over the top LLLers are an extra special kind of annoying.

    I don’t know what it is…. perhaps because their “thing” is a highly voltaile battle in the mommy war or maybe because mouthy, holier than thou, Dr. Sears lovin’, armpit hair havin’, over the top women are easier to hate than the mainstream kind of over the top women.

    BBC has defintiely made me more empathetic to the plight of the over the top LLLer and I believe it is that empathy along with a more mixed group of LLLers that made my joining LLL much more successful with g2.

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