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February 6, 2007 / allyo


Jamie’s favorite new concept. Although this morning he was thrilled to tell me the toaster was EMPTY!

On the one hand, we’ve had a miracle here. After four days of horrific bedtimes (kicking, scratching, pulling hair, fun!), Friday night with no warning (bad, bad mom that I am) I turned off the lights, gave Jamie a hug and a kiss, said, “Sleep well baby, I love you,” and walked out the door. Thankfully he’s never figured out how to open the door if it has a childproof thingy on the handle, and so after 20 minutes of kvetching – fake crying, mommymommymommy-s, tapping/banging on the door – there was silence. Did I dare? Take a peek? I did, and he was sound asleep in bed. Two years, four months, about a million bedtime ups and downs, and it’s finally gotten to this point. What a relief.

On the other hand, he’s not been much more pleasant during his waking hours. Last night I came veryvery close to losing my temper after he dumped his spaghetti all over the table, himself, and the floor, just because I wasn’t moving fast enought to get him more meatballs. I was freaking furious. We’re pretty laid back about a lot of things but table manners ain’t one of them. After we both calmed down I opted for some “couch time,” as described in Playful Parenting, and as we cuddled and he stopped crying (I did yell at him, not proud, but I did) I explained that what he had done was disrespectful as I had done my best to prepare him a good meal and that he had to have better manners. Later Mad Dog said he didn’t think Jamie would get the whole disprespectful thing but I figure that’s how I felt, and with time, he’d understand me.

Still, I need to find a better way. To this point the threat of having something taken away has been a successful deterant but the little bugger is getting defiant and prevention has its limits. I need to find a strategy that keeps me calm and the discipline effective.

Aiyiyi. True to form, we’ve arrived at 2 1/2 (the real terrible twos), a couple of months early.


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  1. karriew / Feb 7 2007 11:37 pm

    YAY!! I enjoyed more than a year of just kissing Max goodnight and closing his door.

    And yeah….two and a half is the *real* terrible twos. Eeeyikes.

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