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January 15, 2007 / allyo

Not fair!

You know what’s not fair? I was watching that stupid McD’s commercial tonight – and ugh, live tv and commercials, it’s like being in the stone age – with the little girl dressing up and how original she is, and what goes in the belly is more important that what goes on it (and as MD said, if you REALLY cared about that you wouldn’t be taking her to McD’s) and anyway, it hit me. You never see commercials or ads with little boys decked out in their safety goggles or rubber snakes as necklaces or Cars canteens thrown across their shoulders. And they’re being just as creative and original and dang it, CUTE, as the little girls. And if all it takes is a feather boa, well if Jamie had one I’m sure he’d be happy to throw it around his neck.

That’d probably make his dad a little nervous though.


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  1. FriendD / Jan 17 2007 10:55 pm

    Okay, now you are freaking me out. I read this after I sent you my pic of Max. I should put a caption underneath “…and then we went to McDonalds…”?

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