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December 31, 2006 / allyo

2006: short and sweet version

In the form of that meme that’s going around:

1. I love this picture.
2. I found a meeting a short walk from my office, so I’ll be weighing in at lunch on Tuesdays.
3. So, my scale (that bastard) says, “You fatty, you. You gained ONE POUND! Sixteen whole ounces, my GOD, what were you thinking?”
4. What a life, huh?
5. As difficult as being at work can be these days (THANK YOU for all the support), this was one of those mornings when I was perfectly happy to wave goodbye to my darling child and shut my front door.
6. I got to go to a special VIP sneak-preview of this exhibit this morning, and oh my goodness, was it exciting.
7. My whole diet/excersise plan has been derailed, again, because, uh, I’m lazy.
8. I guess I will too. (Titled “everyone is doing it”)
9. A rainy, Ernesto day on Saturday + an again, still, more? sick toddler =

Complete destruction of the family room
10. I’m sick.
11. When we were in the hospital after Jamie’s tonsilectomy we spent a lot of time walking the halls.
12. Looks like NaBloPoMo has left me blog-weary.

I have more to say but right now I’m stuffed from a dinner of steak and potatoes and am slightly flushed from my second glass of sparkling red wine (only, like, the best idea in the world) and in a few minutes need to throw The Wild One into the tub.

Cheers. Have a safe and joyous new year’s eve. See you next year.


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