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December 29, 2006 / allyo

Some of my favorite (Christmas) things

  • Christmas morning craziness.

christmas morning craziness

  • We had a pretty strict budget this Christmas, partially due to financial constraints and partially because we’re buying some new bedroom furniture (from Target and Value City, again, due to budget constraints). MD always chafes against Christmas budgets, but this year he stayed within budget! Of course, I got a Christmas Eve Eve necklace, for no particular reason, just for being a good wife, no, nothing almost double our total budget, no siree! You know, MD is more and more like my father every year. In some ways it’s less than delightful, however this I cannot complain about.
  • MD’s joy at finally getting his very own snake hook.
  • Jamie’s unconventional wagon enjoyment…


  • …and unconventional drill enjoyment (don’t try that with a real one!).

new use for power tools

  • Having day after Christmas brunch with Jamie at this restaurant (best pancakes in the WORLD) and us happily eating off each other’s plates. It was like a little date with my kid and makes me look forward to all the fun meals we have left to go.
  • Actually, the day after Christmas in general. Finally having a moment to sit on the couch with my coffee and watch Jamie play with his new toys. Going to brunch, running some errands, and then changing back into pjs (wagon picture was taken tuesday afternoon). Ordering pizza (veggie at least, a little healthy) and eating in the family room in front of the tv. It was a totally lazy day. The only downside was MD wasn’t home to enjoy it with us. Next year…

I tried my best to keep an even keel this year and not overdo the shopping or the decorating or the baking, and overall, I think I succeeded. Next year I would like to get more decorating done, just because I enjoy it so, and the cookies made a little more ahead of time. I also want to get an advent calendar and wreath. Actually, I’d like to make the calendar and maybe the wreath too. But other than those small things there’s not much I’d change.


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  1. Vienna / Dec 30 2006 2:00 am

    This was really a sweet post. Jack got a little drill, too. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s made of plastic.

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