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December 20, 2006 / allyo

Corners of my home – Christmas tree edition

I love this corner in our home. I love how the three colors come together like neopolitan ice cream. Those colors were chosen very strategically, as the taupe wall runs into the kitchen and had to be neutral, while the mauve wall (should have been darker but md talked me out of it) speaks to my craving for color after 10 plus years of renting and dirty white walls.
one of my favorite corners
With a limited budget home decorating has been in dribs and drabs, and yet this corner shows my lovely linen curtains found on clearance at Cost plus and the perfect curtain rod found at T@rget, and the frame found on clearance at Old world pottery with a snapshot taken by me in Italy, long ago in a former life, scanned and printed at home. My whole house would be filled with such lovely and meaningful things if we could afford it, so in a way these little corners where things come together so nicely are promises of what we’ll have in the future, as we collect little treasures and trinkets along the way. And also of how, if we just look around us, we can make our surroundings lovely by what we’re able to find and make ourselves.
one of my favorite corners

(very bad picture, yes, but I wanted something showing hte lights on the tree)

More corners of my home can be found here.


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