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December 18, 2006 / allyo


So Kelly tagged me with a “come as you are” meme, and while I read her post last night I didn’t “get” that I was supposed to go take a picture at that moment. So I’m cheating a bit with this picture I took of Jamie and I baking cookies, on Saturday, the same day I was tagged.
baking cookies

I’m trying hard to get myself in more pictures (with Amanda as my inspiration) and I decided I needed to get us doing this thing that means so much to me. When I took this picture I was thinking back to all the Christmases and other holidays my grandma and I celebrated with baking and I was feeling a little weepy. I decided to let this come through instead of plastering a fake smile on my face. I think it fits the spirit of the meme, if not the law.

I tag Whylime and Karrie.


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  1. whylime / Dec 30 2006 2:23 am

    oh- crud. I just saw this. photos on their way, as soon as I find my camera cable…

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