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November 28, 2006 / allyo

Oh for pete’s sake

My aunt mouse (pseudonym) just called me. C is in a nursing home. They think she has fibromyalgia. She’s getting rehab.

And she’s miserable living at my grandma’s house. Mouse wants us all to get together after C is released to figure out "what happens next." She knows that C and I are not on good terms and is totally on my side – although still loves C and supports her – but this is grandma’s house and part of my history and I should be involved (her words). I’d laugh if it weren’t so painful. All the crap my grandma went through to be able to leave C the house. All the crap C pulled so she’d be able to have the house. And now she’s miserable there because it reminds her of grandma. Well, NO SHIT.

Gah. I don’t know what happens next. They are both on disability and need a permanent solution. MD is asking around at work (works for a nursing/assisted living facility) and I have a friend who works for the county agency on aging that should be able to give me some advice.

What a freaking year.


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  1. karrie / Nov 29 2006 3:02 pm

    Oooo boy. 😦 I hope you can work something out through your connections.

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