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November 26, 2006 / allyo

Weekend wrap up

What a perfect holiday weekend. Thursday and Friday were spent with family, Saturday with friends, many visiting from out of state, and today, a rare Sunday with just the three of us. We had a lazy morning, ran one errand, then came home and played and watched Finding Nemo. Jamie was entranced.

So how was your holiday (if you’re in the states)?


I’m about halfway through Your Two-Year-Old and this classic series is still dead on (except for the 50s like references to mother and father’s roles in baby’s life). I started using some strategies this weekend and they’ve been a huge help. These books are so easy to read and are crammed full of useful information that is several parts science and several parts common sense. My kind of parenting.


My night out last night was very fun. Unfortunately the big fun didn’t start until about a half hour before I promised md I’d be home, but still, lots of fun. Jamie has a nasty cough and was up half the night so I was half dead from exhaustion today but it was well worth it. (MD is taking vicodin at night for his hip pain and so is definitely out of the picture for nighttime parenting. And that’s why I promised I’d be home by midnight, so he could take a pain pill and get some sleep. And I was 20 minutes late. Oops.)


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