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November 13, 2006 / allyo

Trip so far

Here are my photos from the weekend, arranged so that the juxtaposition between the various elements of North Adams are evident. The Porches Inn is a lovely, artsy B&B. MASS MoCA came out of an innovative use of a former manufacturing company site once the owners pulled out. There’s a great documentary called Downside UP about the site – and the town’s – transformation. And yet, I think the transformation was oversold a little. The main street is bustling, but the view from Porches shows a different place, in my opinion. And that’s ok I think. I think if the whole town was made over it would be a different place, a "starbuckified" version of its former self. And in the end I think the point the film tries to make is that it is just as much about the spirit of the place and of the townspeople as it is about making N Adams a glossy tourist attraction. I’m guessing they’re striking the right balance. So I’m not really griping, just observing.

Ooh, tomorrow, I finally get to meet Karrie in person!


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