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November 9, 2006 / allyo


Mad Dog went to an orthopedic doctor last week to have his hip looked at. The doctor’s first diagnosis was severe arthritis and he thought that cortisone shots might help alleviate his pain. But, he ordered an MRI because he thought something else might be going on related to MD’s fall last December. The MRI was Monday and MD got the results this morning. He has a condition called pulmonary necrosis. We know the basics – that for whatever reason, blood flow to the hip
joint has been compromised and his femur is deteriorating. The
treatment the doctor mentioned this morning was a hip replacement,
apparently the most aggressive yet successful. A guy who MD works with had a
hip replaced due to the same condition and mentioned another treatment that
– something like they drill a hole in your leg to try and
increase the blood flow but you’re in bed for months?

We’re both
leaning toward replacement surgery but this is all we know. He sees a
specialist in a couple of weeks but I’d prefer he went in with some
knowledged under his belt. But I’m googling like mad and am not coming
up with much. Argh. Internet, don’t fail me now!

ETA: Aha, apparently this wasn’t the most commonly used term. I finally got smart and searched on the arthritis foundation website (dr. mentioned it in conjunction with arthritis) for "necrosis" and found information on osteonecrosis.

ETA2: Apparently I made up the term "pulmonary necrosis." MD says it is avascular necrosis, which is also mentioned in the above link, I believe.


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  1. cecily / Nov 12 2006 6:14 am

    Hi. I work as an orthopaedic nurse in Australia. I’d go the hip replacement myself… avascular necrosis is not good. You can get a couple of decades out of a new hip and then it can be revised with another new hip put in. I’m trying to think of good websites, but nothing’s coming to mind instantly. I’ll keep thinking and let you know if I come up with something.

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