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November 8, 2006 / allyo

Two nagging but completely unrelated thoughts

When I save a file I should be able to tag it like you do with photos so I don’t have to try and follow my future logic trail to figure out where it should go.


I went to a forum today on the future of our city. Four panelists- City government, corporate sector, United Way, and education. When faced with issues like poverty or working poor or redevelopment, the corporate representative treated us to insightful statements such as, "we give a lot to the united way!" or "you can’t break the back of the corporate community to fix ALL the problems in the world" or "that redevelopment really IS happening, just slower than we’d like." (On that last one, the site in question hasn’t seen any building in over a year. Guess we’re talking about a glacier’s life span – but movement IS happening!" Oh, and wait, my hands-down fave, "if everyone who truly could help themselves actually did make the effort to do so, why, there would be so few people left who really DID need help that giving them a hand up would be a piece of cake!"

Hey, I have an idea for you. How about you help your employees help themselves by paying them a living wage and providing them with affordable health care, flexible hours, realistic PAID maternity, paternity, and family leave, and subsidized, affordable childcare. It’s really not that complicated. You just have to make people as important as your profits. Hey, really, it’s not that…yeah. Nevermind.


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  1. Emmie (Better Make It A Double) / Nov 9 2006 8:42 pm

    Well put, but sorely lacking in corporate lingo. How refreshing.

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