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November 8, 2006 / allyo

5 in 38

In the past 38 hours I’ve endured five temper tantrums. Kicking, biting, head-banging temper tantrums. Part of it is over nursing – and oh boy, am I close to weaning cold turkey – part of it, I have no flipping idea. Oh wait, because he’s TWO! Finally at bedtime tonight I let him bang his head against the door and actually, after a few minutes he stopped. He was asleep about 15 minutes later. Is it CIO if the kid is 25 months and the mom is crying along?

Anyway, that’s why earlier tonight one minute I’m making dinner and the next I’m sitting on the floor in my jeans and bra ( because he was yanking the crap out of my sweater) holding a writhing toddler (face out – no biting!) and contemplating my spare tire in my reflection in the oven door. I love the terrible twos. Any reservations I have about leaving town are dead. Too bad the little squirt seems to have given me his cold. Well, at least I can drug myself up with nyquil. And booze.


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  1. Amanda. / Nov 9 2006 9:05 am

    Yuuummmmmm, nyquil and booze!!!

    BTW, please, please, please begin lying to me about what it is like to nurse a two year old…. or I may just wean the Goose NOW!!! I’m already not really liking it.

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