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November 6, 2006 / allyo

You never know (knock on wood)

I was talking the other day to someone about how you should never assume how you know someone is going to react to something or what decisions they’ll make. It was work-related and we were talking about kids and contemporary art, but I’ve had this opinion about the American public for most of my life.  When Bush won the first time this belief was shaken but when he won the second time I spent a lot of energy being depressed at the generall decline of the collective American intelligence – maybe that’s the wrong word. How about the ability to think critically? To question and analyze and come up with your own opinion.

But I’m feeling optimistic once again. We in Ohio will most likely elect a Democratic governor tomorrow. And not only would we be electing a Democratic governor, we would finally be rejecting a State Republican party that puts the "rupt" in corrupt. A Republican party that has until now seemed invicible and I can only hope that this signals a change nationally.

No, I’m not anti-Republican. I hate voting straight ticket anything. I’m registered as an Independent and bristle at the idea of taking orders from any organization. But I can’t see how anyone in good conscience could vote Republican right now in this particular race. Or in many races around the country. I have family members that do and that will and I love them all the same. I have friends that do and that will and I will remain friends with them. But I believe they are sorely misguided.


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