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November 5, 2006 / allyo

Garden report

We ripped out the vegetable and herb garden earlier today. Our success this year was mixed. The basil went insane. We had three plants – regular, cinnamon, and purple – and even with careful pinching they ended up taller than Jamie. Sadly, much of what was left on the plants prior to Jamie’s surgery died because things were so hectic neither one of us could muster up the energy to go outside and cut the rest off. We did give a bunch to family members at Jamie’s birthday party so it didn’t all go to waste. Sadly, I never did get around to making pesto (like, the easiest thing in the world to make, no wonder I feel like a big lazy lump sometimes!)

Our tomato plants also grew out of control and since we didn’t stake them until they had been in the ground for a couple of weeks and because someone (*cough*MD*cough*) did a piss-poor job at staking them, most of them rotted on the ground before they were ripe enough to pick. Even so, we had oodles and oodles this summer. Plenty for us and to share. Now that we own stakes next year should go much better.

All together for herbs we planted basil, rosemary, tarragon, oregano, parsley (flat leaf), chives (from a container from last summer) and…a couple of things I’m forgetting.  All the herbs did well and md was able to salvage  a bunch of parsley, tarragon, oregano and rosemary today.

Other veggies were eggplant, which did well, acorn squash, which met an untimely death at the careless hands of the painters who threw their ladders on top of the garden, cayenne peppers – we harvested 2, – green peppers (a total bust), some pepper whose name I forget that was supposed to be medium hot and was  as punchy as a banana pepper, watermelon (bust) and lettuce (bust but only because I forgot to harvest it) and cucumbers (did fabulous until the damn painters murdered them). Uh, the nursery was having a fantastic sale and so we came home with maybe three times the amount of plants we were planning on and crammed our little bed full. I can’t say we neccesarily saved money by growing our own this year but we enjoyed it greatly, as did Jamie, and next year we’ll have a bigger plot and some good experience to build on. The garden was my favorite part of the yard this year since the rest of the back yard is still plauged with overgrown rose of sharon and weeds and god knows what else. It was nice to actually plant what we wanted and to get some use from the yard for a change, rather than just aggravation. I’m already dreaming of what else we can tackle next year…


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  1. Jody / Nov 9 2006 12:47 am

    This was our first year with a veggie garden. We still don’t have any place in the yard with enough sunshine, and the raised beds we built turned out to be woefully lacking in nutrients. But I’m hopeful for next year.

    I’m also definitely planting basil!

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