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October 26, 2006 / allyo

Tastes like home – updated

My grandma used to make a cookie for Christmas that was basically chopped dates and nuts (walnuts?) rolled in a ball and then in powdered sugar. I’m sure there was butter and sugar and who knows what else involved, but they pretty much tasted like sugared dates and nuts. I didn’t dislike them really, I always ate a few, but they weren’t my favorites. My grandma LOVED them.

It’s been years since she was able to do anything but simple sugar cookies and years since she did any cookies at all and I had forgotten all about them. Until I bit into an almond-stuffed date a co-worker had brought in today and the taste of those cookies, memories of Christmas, of my grandma, came flooding back.

I ate two three.


Here’s the recipe. And of course it’s from Southern Living, grandma’s favorite magazine of all time. I had forgotten about the rice krispies- the cookies had the best texture between the crunch of the rice krispies and the gumminess of the dates.


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