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September 29, 2006 / allyo

Just in case I’m not sure

I realized the other day that we hadn’t nursed on the ill-favored, always lower supply, right boob in forever, and I hadn’t even noticed. Tonight as Jamie dove into bed chanting, "nur? nur? nur? nur? nur?" I surreptitiously checked the lesser boob and got barely a squirt. Just as I was thinking, well, good, when I’m gone for 5 days in november that’ll be one less breast to worry about being engorged, I shook up our routine by laying on the opposite side as usual and offering the almost-empty one. Jamie nursed happily, so that side wasn’t as empty as I thought (feared? hoped?) and I laid there and wondered, why? I kept thinking "just in case" and while, with our surgery coming up there’s a chance he could live on breastmilk for a few days, or, with the bottom canines finally coming in, I can safely say these are the worst, pointiest teeth yet, and even only nursing twice a day on the same side causes a surprising amount of soreness, but that’s not really why. Just in case why then? We get a surprise blizzard and only have water and breastmilk to live on? Just in case poof! suddenly Jamie’s 6 months-old again and needs ye olde boob juice to survive? I’m perfectly happy with where we’re at on the long, slow road to weaning, and yet I can’t quite go down to one breast. Yet. Sigh. Change is hard, even when you’re really wanting it.

On a completely unrelated note, Jamie is 100% obsessed with Blue’s Clues. The other day on the way home he saw some birds flying around and started talking about baby bird. (A recurring character.) Baby bird this, baby bird that, and I’m thinking, oh, how cute! He’s taking something from blue’s clues and applying it to the real world! Then it was all, "NO! Baby! BIr!" just like he yells at Cory (don’t know where he got that, oh, no) and I’m not sure what it was that baby bird did wrong, but I’m a little worried about his need to scold all animals.

This week everything is "right there." As in, "A clue! A clue, where? Right there!" We don’t just name all the various colored cars and trucks and buses anymore. It’s, "Mommy! Ite car. Dite dere!" "Mayme, bu ack-et (jacket), dite dere." Very cute. And urgent.   

Speaking of jackets, fall has officially arrived.

jacket weather


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  1. Jody / Oct 5 2006 11:02 am

    I nursed to 3.5, so I’m ill-prepared to answer your question. (Why? Because. Where’s the chocolate?) But I can assure you that lop-sidedness can sometimes last, so you’re better off avoiding its creation.

    I love sweatshirt weather.

    And I miss Blue. We watched A LOT of Blue when the kids were two, and now it’s not really their thing (mostly because it’s not on in the late afternoon, and the DVD is two stories away from the kitchen), and I miss Blue.

    I know, I’m no help at all.

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