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September 25, 2006 / allyo

MD says he’s not evil, just spirited

I read Moxie’s post this morning and breathed a sigh of relief. Not because her kids are running her ragged, but I’m amazed these days at how frustrated I get with Jamie sometimes and it’s always reassuring to hear that other peoples’ kids do the same. I should be getting ready for work, so I’ll just leave you with two quick examples.

First, yesterday, on the way to dinner at my dad’s, we dropped our basinette off at my cousin’s house for their second little girl, one her way any day now, to use. The frame had to go in my passenger seat, so I squeezed in the back with Jamie. I had to sit behind the driver’s side which didn’t give me much room. He got pissed at me for touching his car seat. I squeezed even closer to the door. Then he got pissed because I was NEAR his car seat, and next thing I know, I’m saying, "Jamie, I’m not touching you! Put your hands inside your seat and you won’t be touching me! No! I am allowed to have my feet there- keep yours in your zone!"

Then, the other night, Jamie was fighting sleep. As we’re in the midst of the long, slow, weaning process (but not before surgery!), I’m letting him nurse for 10 minutes (15 now, 10 was too short) and then making him fall asleep on his own. This has been going over like a 2-ton load of bricks. He was especially pissed the other night and was yelling at me to get off his pillow. (NO! Mommy! My Pillow!)  But I can’t leave the room or get off the bed because he’ll really lose it. So I was laying below the pillow. He finally quieted down and pulled at me to get me back onto the pillow. He grabbed my arm and wrapped it around him, and just as I was basking in the sweetness that is a two-year-old, he cocked his arm back and whapped me across the face and head. OOOH!

MD says we don’t need another child the way Jamie and I carry on sometimes. I am the mom, I am the mom, I am the mom.



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  1. karrie / Sep 27 2006 7:42 pm

    Little tyrants!

  2. Emmie (Better Make It A Double) / Sep 27 2006 10:02 pm

    I hear you. I wish I had something more profound to offer, but I don’t. The lows and highs of mothering toddlers are unbelievable. Good thing for the highs, or we’d set em’ by the side of the road.

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