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September 22, 2006 / allyo


So, Jamie’s having his tonsils and adnoids removed next month. The exam with the ENT took about 5 minutes this morning. "Wow, he’s a loud breather. Hmm, nose is full of puss, probably the adnoids, oh yeah, big tonsils." We could do a sleep study, but he knows we know what an apnea is because of MD’s history and with the state of his nose and throat believes us when we say he has them. So he thinks the sleep study would just delay the inevitable and we both agree. Plus, I’m anxious to get this done before we’re in the thick of cold and flu season and I’ll be gone for 5 days at a conference in November and want to avoid potential scheduling conflicts. Plus, my guess is he’ll sleep beautifully once this is done and he’s healed which would make me being gone easier on both the boys.

Since he’s under the age of 3 it’ll be done at the children’s hospital and they’ll admit him overnight. We were talking about how they don’t like to release them before they get some fluids in them and our ENT was saying it doesn’t concern his as much because most kids are fine and drink well once they get home. I mentioned that I was still breastfeeding, meaning, fluids won’t be a problem for us, but said I’d been waiting to wean partially because of this and I guess he thought I was looking for weaning advice because he chimed in with, "It’s something you need to do and this would be a good time." Riiight, because I’m going to take away my son’s #1 source of comfort while he’s having surgery and is in the hospital – NOT!

After he left the room I looked at MD and said, "He thinks I’m a freak!" And md was like, yeah, oh well, you’re not. I’m not even going to talk to anyone about the fact that bm is a clear fluid and just nurse him as he wants the night before. (The Kellymom link says to talk to your surgeon about this. I’m not going to. I’ll mention it to our ped who we’ll see the week before for his 2 year appointment. Considering the last time we saw her she asked me if I was going to let Jamie self-wean it should be ok. But then, I’m the woman who smuggled food into Labor and Delivery when I was in labor, so, you know, I’m rebel.)

So now we just have to stay calm about all of this. I’m really happy there’s something we can do and
grateful we have the insurance and the means to do it. I’m also looking
forward to more and more nights of uninterrupted sleep. But he’s still
my baby! Actually, our baby! Md’s the same way. On board, but a little nervous. It’ll be fine though.



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  1. Jody / Sep 22 2006 12:42 pm

    Uh, hell yeah, you’re not going to wean now. If anything, the surgery could give your boy a new lease on breastfeeding life! (Maybe not what you wanted to hear LOL.)

    As someone who nursed until the kids were 3.5, I can assure you that you are Not A Freak. Not even close.

    I’m sorry about the surgery, in the sense that it’s a freakout, isn’t it (Elba had to be sedated for surgery once, and so did Wilder — for his “I nurse all night” cavity-filled teeth) and you have my sympathies. But hopefully it will be SOOOOO worth it.

  2. Amanda. / Sep 24 2006 9:39 am

    Where I work, we treat BM as a clear liquid but the patient must be NPO for 4 hours prior to surgery. If not, the surgery is canceled.

    IME, the kiddos who are BFing have the greatest advantage when they have surgery. As as soon as they wake up they can have their number one comfort AND nutrition. It’s a dream come true for dietitians and nurses alike! One little girl was almost two and as she was being wheeled back to her room post-op I could hear saying “Na nas, na nas, na nas” asking to be nursed.

    Keep us posted.

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