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September 18, 2006 / allyo


So, let’s lighten things up a bit around here, shall we?

One of the downsides to having to dogs is the poop. Literally, the poop in the backyard. Combine that with a yard that floods easily and an especially wet summer (great for the garden- the basil is taking over the yard, yikes), and going outside to play involves a lot more than just opening the door and walking through it. Yesterday was a gorgeous end of summer/early fall day here, and spending it inside was killing me. But, again, the poop. I’ve had enough shit on my plate lately (hee) and I just didn’t feel like having to clean the yard before playing in the long, soggy grass. Our front yard is much easier to maintain, but people tear down our street like bats out of hell and we don’t have sidewalks to provide a buffer between the grass and the pavement. However, we do have a driveway and some sidewalk chalk & paint in the garage, and so, this is how Jamie and I spent a very happy hour or so yesterday in the warm afternoon sun.


I thought we’d use the opportunity to identify shapes and letters, but Jamie had other ideas. It was all about the paint itself. So we smeared and brushed and rolled and mixed, and found to our delight that blue and yellow make green, pink and blue make purple, and pink and yellow make orange.



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  1. karrie / Sep 19 2006 11:32 am

    How cute!

    Oh, Max is so there! He loves sidewalk chalk.

    Not sure how much surfing around you’re doing, so wanted to let you know that the trike you asked about is from Target.

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