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September 7, 2006 / allyo

Blog this, blog that

I can’t really blog about work and it’s what is taking a lot of my energy these days, hence the sparse blogging. The good thing is it is taking my energy in positive ways. It is wonderful to once again enjoy coming here every morning. I love my field, I love my company, I love the potential this job has. And the fact that I have powerful people leaving me voice mail messages such as, "you rock my world," well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t admit I liked that just a little too. Of course I know those same people will stab me in the back when neccessary, but it is still a little thrilling.

The other thing that is taking a lot of energy right now is my marriage. In good and bad ways, but the bad, in my  mind, often eclipses the good, and I’m tired of talking about it in some ways. Plus, well, MD now regularly reads here and even though he keeps telling me to write what I want, it is a good reason to not just rant. Besides, that would be boring.

And this entry is thrilling reading, right? Right.


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