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August 24, 2006 / allyo


Jamie has begun saying his own name. We’ve been working on him for awhile. He’ll point at everyone’s shirt, "mommy, shirt; daddy, shirt" and the "uh? shirt" for himself. This weekend it was, "maymee, shirt?" Oh my goodness, how cute. I have to get his tiny little voice on videotape, but I’m still avoiding the camcorder after accidentally taping over part of his first birthday party last week. Nothing important I’m sure, since the actual destroying of the cake wasn’t taped even though a friend of ours stood there the entire time pointing the video camera at the action. No, it wasn’t taped because when I handed it to her I had it on pause and neither one of us thought to make sure it was actually taping. So taping over the non-important parts shouldn’t sting like it does but there you have it.

Anyway, Jamie also jumped – both feet off the ground – yesterday morning. I think it was on accident. He was doing this hilarious dance thing that mad dog taught him- trying to tap his foot and keep time on his knee at the same time – and both feet miraculously made it off the ground for a split second. I’m not sure he understands quite what happened, but he was pleased all the same.

Mr. Attitude continues his too-big-for-him shoe fetish with Daddy’s homer slippers. It cracks me up when he points to them, all "daddy?" because not only do they belong to daddy, but since daddy has insisted on shaving his head again, I think he’s also pointing out the resemblance!

homer slippers

Can you believe that face? He looks like a teenager in a toddler’s body.


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  1. Kelly / Aug 24 2006 5:57 pm

    1. Maymee — too cute is right!!

    2. That look is sooo serious. Too serious for the selected footwear.

    3. Does your digital camera have the ability to take short movies? easy way to capture audio without dealing with the camcorder drama.

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