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August 17, 2006 / allyo

News of the ill

Good grief, I finally have time to post and it took me five minutes to get typead to respond. And, as I was saving this draft, I lost it altogether. Thankfully some clever backing and forthing recovered it. 

Grandma responded admirably to treatment and is back at the nursing home. They decided not to biopsy the mass because the doctor didn’t think the procedure would be good for her. I think we’re nearing the end, and I think she’s holding out for home. She’s going home in a few weeks thanks to a program run by a local hospital. She was matched with a college student who will live there and do some cooking and light cleaning which, combined with increased home-based care will allow her to be at home and be relatively safe. My mom pulled herself together and while annoying, is being helpful again.

Something I didn’t mention, the reason I couldn’t go to the hospital on Monday is because Jamie was sick over the weekend. Sick, sick sick. His fever shot up to 103.5 saturday night, and so quickly that he laid in my arms and cried and trembled. It was awful – it’s the most sick and the most nervous we’ve been since he was a newborn. But then on Sunday he seemed to be feeling much better, yet his fever was hanging out at just under 100 degrees. So we kept him indoors all weekend (yeah, that was fun) and I decided to keep him home on Monday and go to the doctor even though I felt kinda dumb doing it, especially when he was tearing around the sick waiting room hollering and jumping. I’m glad I did though because the virus had caused an ear infection and swollen tonsils/glands – although the tonsils may be a chronic issue, we’ll see.

I’m amazed at how much fun we managed to have even though Jamie was sick. He’s got a new joke – over the weekend he got his hand caught in his sleeve and was getting pissy so I asked him, "Jamie, WHERE did your hand go?" He thought it was absolutely hilarious and you never know when you’ll hear his little voice piping up behind you, "Go?" and you turn around and he’s standing there, hand barely covered by his sleeve, with a delighted grin on his face. He’s just so impressed by his cleverness.

I took lots of pictures of the various activities we pulled out of our butts to keep mr. wildman occupied.

Our exploitation of child labor continues with window washing:

window washer

(like the pjs? I made them for the 4th)

It’s official, Jamie’s favorite tv show is Blue’s Clues (although he hates blue’s room- good boy!)

Bu? Bu?

Stickers. Lots and lots.

sticker mania

More tv, this time baby einstein. The puppet skits crack him up now, very funny.

still loves baby einstein

Fingerpainting (gulp). First time. I was nervous but true to form he freaked out at the littlest mess and it went amazingly well.

the hat brings the muse

Um, yeah. Stir-crazy. Or, just being a toddler. Take your pick.

toddler in a trash can


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  1. karrie / Aug 22 2006 9:48 pm

    Love the pjs! Very cute fabric.

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