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August 6, 2006 / allyo

Diet, reprise (again)

A couple of months ago I decided to get back on the diet wagon after being derailed by the crazy things that happened in the spring. So I started phase 1 of the South Beach diet for the 2nd time, and it was an awful failure. The first time I started the SBD phase 1 was a challenge but a positive one. It felt like a purification of sorts and within days my cravings were gone, my energy was up, and I felt positive about losing weight for the first time, in, uh, possibly ever. I guess the second SBD phase 1 felt exactly the opposite. So I swore off dieting forever (again, although the first time it lasted over a decade, so not so bad), and decided to focus on eating right instead.

The stress at work and the ups and downs of being on medication for depression for like, the first time ever, saw me indulging in all the brownies and cookies left over from meetings at work that I could stuff into my face. Finally, last week, I acknowledged that all that sugar was making me feel like crap and swore off the sweet stuff for a month. Just a tiny little month, to get the blood sugar regulated and the cravings under control. It’s been going pretty well and I’m following the basic principals of the SBD- good carbs only, plenty of lean proteins and veggies. Limited fruits, dark chocolate, and red wine allowed. But I’ve also had a couple of tiny cookies, a few drinks the other night, and a couple of glasses of lemonade. We finally bought a new scale this weekend, and this afternoon I took a deep breath and hopped up onto the platform of doom. And…not bad! Right where I was this spring before everything went to hell – 8 lbs down from my starting weight.

So, ONCE AGAIN, I’m tackling this challenge. 30 lbs. Right now I’m 10 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. So first I’m going to focus on losing 2 more lbs to make it an even 10, then, my pre-preg weight. Hopefully by the fall. Ish.


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