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July 25, 2006 / allyo

Worlds collide!

MD and Jamie and I had the good fortune of having lunch/dinner with whylime and her sweets this weekend. Columbus happened to be smack dab in the middle (or third) of their route between New Haven and Santa Fe, and so I was able to meet one of my favorite bloggers and online friends in person. Actually, whylime was the very first person to comment here at one plus one plus one, so I have a definite soft spot in my heart for her.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve met an online buddy IRL. Back when the best ever-girl-kicks-vampires’-asses show was still on, I met regularly to watch with a group of other Buffy fans met online at TWoP. Kelly and I have met as well, although we have yet to get the boys together (gotta do that before the summer is over!). But whylime is the first person I’ve met in real life that I got to know through this blog, so it was a little different. Of course the potential for extreme awkwardness is always present in these types of situations, but by the time we were sitting around eating our food MD and I felt like we were hanging out with old friends. My only regret is that Columbus ended up being a pitstop rather than an overnight stay, because we were having such a good time we didn’t really want them to leave! But of course Santa Fe was the actual destination of this trip and I’m happy to know that they have finally landed and are beginning this new phase of their lives.

Oh wait, the other regret is that they didn’t have the lentil on this trip. For his sake, it was for the best, but oh boy the fun he and Jamie would have had!


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  1. whylime / Jul 25 2006 5:35 pm

    We had such a nice time, it was hard to jump in the car and drive further. Your little guy and your big guy were such interesting and fun dining companions, it would have been nice to stay longer. As we pulled out, we both remarked that it would have been so nice to have a little playdate with the lentil and Jamie. But we know we’ll be driving through again someday, so we can just look forward to that. And I will be looking forward to delicious truffle chocolate cookies in our future as well.

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